Sunday, December 23, 2007

Homemade foamcore 8x10" Large Format Pinhole Camera

King Edward Hotel - World Pinhole Camera Day

First of 2 shots with my foam core 8x10" homemade camera. Shot with 20 year old Kodak litho ISO 8 film, 3.5 minute exposure. This was my entry into world pinhole day

After some sage advice from experts on developing the litho film to get more midtone greys. I am experimenting with diluting the developer to try to get more tones out of the high contrast lithographic film. I think it is working even though this shot may not be the best example as I was shooting towards the bright part of the sky.

Brick Works Old Style

The tones worked out very well in this following photo.

Casa Loma Without a Lens

The pinhole is approximately f310 with a 80 degree field of view making for a 2.5 to 4.5 minute daylight exposure.

The following is a longer over 10 minute exposure made late in the day under grey sky. The thing I like about a 10 minute exposure in a city is that people go about their business invisible to the eye of the camera. Except for the almost invisible people sitting still on the picnic table, middle right if you need directions. I should have pushed the development a bit longer to bring out more details in the dark areas.

The good thing about this ISO 8 litho film is that it can be developed under a safe light where you can view the film developing. Also it can be pushed or pulled many stops just by changing the developing time.

The Irony of Shooting With My Homemade Foamcore 8x10" Pinhole Camera Just Across the Road From 2 High End Camera Stores


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